New Law Demands Transparency From Politically-Active Nonprofits

Jul 28, 2014

Governor Maggie Hassan signed a bill into law late last week requiring nonprofit organizations that engage in political activities to report their expenditures.

In essence, the new law requires nonprofits that spend more than $5000 a year on political advocacy – to register with the Secretary of State, and report expenditures.

Derek Dufresne with the conservative advocacy group, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, says the law merely protects incumbents from criticism.

His organization, which is also a nonprofit, opposed the bill.

There is certainly the attempt of career politicians to limit the ability of organizations to be able to highlight their records.

Governor Hassan has said she believes transparency around political contributions is fundamental to ensuring citizens have faith in Government. The bill passed the House by a wide margin, and narrowly passed the state Senate by a 12-11 vote.