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Municipal Election Round-Up: Good Day For Mayoral Incumbents

City of Concord


It was a good day for incumbents,as voters headed to the polls Tuesday for municipal elections in most New Hampshire cities.

Concord Mayor Jim Bouley was elected to a fifth term.

Bouley defeated former radio talk show host Paul Brogan in Tuesday’s election.

In Keene, mayor Kendall Lane won a third term, beating city councilor Kris Roberts.

Berlin mayor Paul Grenier won a fourth term.

And Dover mayor Karen Weston was also re-elected, winning a second term in office.

Not all incumbents fared well.

Claremont City Councilor Charlene Lovett will take over as mayor of that city, after defeating incumbent James Neilsen Tuesday.

Lovett received nearly twice as many votes as Neilsen, who was seeking a third term.

The city of Rochester will also have a new mayor.

Former state Senator Caroline McCarley won the seat Tuesday, defeating two other candidates on the ballot.

She’s the first female mayor of Rochester.

She’ll replace T.J. Jean, who did not seek re-election as mayor, but did win a seat on the city’s school board Tuesday.