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State Transitions To Online Payroll Software: Final Phase Of 7-Year Systems Upgrade

Steve Jurvetson

This month the state is retiring its twenty-year-old mainframe payroll system and is moving human resources and payroll services online for over 65 state organizations. 

This is the final phase of a seven-year-long process the state undertook when it purchased NHFirst, an Enterprise Resource Planning system that organizes much of the state’s management information with a single software program.

Mark Fairbank, a program manager who has overseen the transition to NHFirst, says each the more than 65 state organizations have different practices that will have to be integrated into a single platform:

We did have dozens and dozens of different ways of doing this out there, and we’ve now been able to bring that in line to standardize the important stuff, and also maintain enough flexibility to give agencies and their various needs some really powerful tools.

Fairbank says that while Administrative Services has had to move fast with limited resources, the transition has gone remarkably well.

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