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NH GOP Leaders Warn Prez Candidates: Boycott Nevada or Else

A coalition of Republic leaders is calling on the presidential candidates to boycott the Nevada caucuses. The goal is to get Nevada to postpone its voting by three days.

Saying democracy will suffer without New Hampshire style retail politics,  a group of top Republicans want the candidates to put the squeeze on Nevada.  The organizer of the GOP gathering in Concord, Jennifer Horn, said they should promise to avoid the state unless it compromises.

“By refusing to campaign or participate, the candidates will show that Nevada cannot change the rules and bully everyone else in line.”

Three of the leading candidates, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Perry, have declined to sign on to the boycott.    Horn and other GOP leaders warned that there could be consequences, although they stopped short of saying they would refuse to back someone solely because of this.

Nevada has slated its caucuses for Saturday January 14th, explaining that a weekend date will increase turnout.  New Hampshire officials want the state follow Iowa’s model and caucus on a Tuesday.