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BlackBerry Is Back - Did You Know It Was Out?

Research in Motion twitter feed

Although it didn't affect users in North America, BlackBerry's email service was out for a few hours today in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. About three hours ago, BlackBerry's parent company, Research in Motion, sent a tweet warning that some users were "experiencing issues" with their service.

It didn't last long, but as CNET points out, the outage occurred on the very day that rival Apple is releasing its new IPhone 5 in select cities. And who could forget last year, when BlackBerry users around the world were frustrated by failed BlackBerry service that dropped for several days? RIM founder Mike Lazaridis issued a public apology.

A little while ago, RIM issued this tweet, saying everything's restored:

A tech analyst who spoke to AP says while the outage was short, the timing was horrible for BlackBerry. Still, analyst Peter Misek says BlackBerry fans are probably focused on when they'll see new phones - possibly early next year.

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