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Morning Shots: Let's Watch Some Tap Dancing, Shall We?

The A.V. Club is really good at finding interesting people for its Random Roles series, and today, they hit up character actor Barry Corbin. [A.V. Club]

If you insist, why yes, I will watch some video of Fred Astaire and Savion Glover tap dancing and read about why they have a lot in common. [The Guardian]

The takeaway from this article about how Fifty Shades Of Grey is the fastest adult novel to sell a million paperback copies is this sentence: "Bush said the publisher had even received an email from a satisfied customer who wanted to pass on a message to James: that as a result of reading the first book, she was now seven weeks pregnant." Maybe Fifty Shades Of Grey needed to include more illustrations. [The Guardian]

I remember finding it pretty funny when Andy Rooney went off on how impossible remote control buttons are, but Slate makes a pretty good argument that they've gotten complicated. I have to admit, I often make people run the entertainment systems in their own houses, rather than pick up their remotes. [Slate]

Nick Denton of Gawker never gets tired of tinkering with comments: the battle continues. [New York Observer]

The upcoming animated film Wreck-It Ralph certainly does not want for promotional tie-in toys. [Slashfilm]

Huh. I wonder whether this Comic-Con panel celebrating the tenth anniversary of Firefly will generate any excitement. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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