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Don't Believe Everything You Read, But if You Do, Tell This Tumblr Blog


The Onion's satire is sometimes as sharp as a ninja's throwing star - but in a time where huge numbers of people are getting their news from (half-) reading Facebook posts and forwarded emails... and sometimes not everybody quite catches the joke. A new blog on Tumblr has decided to document those moments where someone shares an Onion article and doesn't realize they're sharing fake news - it's called Literally Unbelievable, and while it's very, very new, it's also very, very entertaining.

Though we should cut these poor Facebook folks a little slack - after all, the Onion has fooled The New York Times, too.


HWA pal Dan A. in Maine shared this one with us - thanks Dan! You can share an awesome link with us in the comments - we'll swallow it, hook, line and sinker.