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UNH President Opens Logo Deliberations To Public Amid Uproar

UNH President Mark Huddleston announced Friday that he will seek public input for a new UNH logo. The move comes amid criticism over spending nearly $100,000 to create the three proposed logos.

The criticism started when conservative group Americans for Prosperity expressed outrage that the university spent the money at a time when it’s requesting $12 million from the state. Since then, a Facebook group was created to collect logo submissions and now has about 150 members.

President Huddleston says the quote “passionate and mixed reaction” led him to consider public input through July 1st. He’s also creating an advisory panel that will include students, alumni, faculty and staff.

University officials have said the old logo depicting the belfry of Thompson Hall in Durham is too Durham-centric and not inclusive enough of its satellite campuses.