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Giving Matters

Circle Program

Cheryl Senter, NHPR

The Circle Program provides low income and other girls in need with opportunities to build courage and self-confidence. Circle provides a year-round mentoring program and a summer camp. Emily joined the Circle Program when she was 12.

EMILY: When I was little I saw my sister go through the Circle Program, she was older than I. She was always having so much fun. She actually still has her Circle friends too and when my turn came I was so excited.

Circle camp was great. They helped build self-confidence because they were always teaching you how to turn a negative into a positive. Once you graduate you never really go away, they’re always there for you. If something at home is still going wrong you can call the Circle office and if they don’t have somebody that can help you they will always connect you with somebody that can. It’s just a great program and I wish every girl could experience it.

These people stay with you for life, they don’t ever go away. I still hang out with quite a few people in the office. I had a birthday last week, they sent me cards. They always remember you, they never forget and it’s great.

I do have a positive look on life. You can to my office and everyone will tell you that I make their day better and bright. I’m kind of like a comedian over there. I just love to make people laugh and I think part of that was the Circle Program, because they always have a good outlook on life. No matter how bad something is life will always turn positive, the wind will turn, everything will be okay and I did learn that from here.

Everything will be okay.