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Panel Questions

BILL KURTIS: From NPR and WBEZ Chicago, this is WAIT WAIT... DON'T TELL ME, the NPR News quiz. I'm Bill Kurtis. We are playing this week with Karen Chee, Peter Grosz and Hari Kondabolu. And here again is your host, filling in for Peter Sagal, Maz Jobrani.



Thank you, Bill. In just a minute, Bill paints in the style of Rhyme-brandt (ph) in our Listener Limerick Challenge. If you'd like to play, give us a call at 1-888-WAIT-WAIT. That's 1-888-924-8924.

But right now, panel, some more questions for you from this week's news. Karen, the winner of the Kentucky Derby was busted for doping. But now the trainer has revealed the horse was just given steroids to cure a problem with its what?


JOBRANI: I'm going to give you one hint.


JOBRANI: The second-place horse was staring right at it.

CHEE: The shoulder.

JOBRANI: The second-place horse was staring right at it.

CHEE: His butt.

JOBRANI: Yes, his butt.


CHEE: Oh (laughter).

HARI KONDABOLU: Also, do horses have shoulders?

CHEE: Yeah.

PETER GROSZ: Well, I've seen them in strapless dresses at...


GROSZ: So they have something.

JOBRANI: So this is what happened. Medina Spirit, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby, tested positive for steroids. The giveaway was all the other horses had jockeys on their backs, and Medina just had bacne (ph).


JOBRANI: So the horse's owner initially had a bunch of excuses. I don't know if you guys saw this guy. He was coming up with all kinds of crazy stuff. He said - he claimed the positive test had happened because a horse groom who'd been drinking cough syrup had peed on the hay in the horse's stall, and then the horse ate the hay. And - but now they've revealed the horse was taking steroids to cure, quote, "dermatitis of its hind area," which the blog defector referred to as butt fungus.


GROSZ: I wish that he was like, well, you see, the horse was taking steroids so it would go faster.


GROSZ: So it's a simple it's a simple explanation and excuse, so give me trophy.

JOBRANI: And the poor horse. Like, first they accuse him of taking steroids. Then they tell the world he had butt fungus. It's like, really, guys? Keep it on the down low.

Karen, a man in Illinois broke the record for hundred miles run on a treadmill. And just to add a little challenge to it, where was the treadmill?

CHEE: On top of his house.

JOBRANI: No. Let me give you a hint. The running comes with a chaser.

CHEE: In a bar?

JOBRANI: Yes. Yes.


JOBRANI: In a bar. That's right. Treadmills are a great way to take up space in your basement, but one man in Illinois decided to take up space somewhere way more annoying - a bar on a weekend. Taggart VanEtten broke the 100-mile record by 40 minutes. Meanwhile, Brock (ph) from Bloomington broke the table when he got drunk and fell over.

GROSZ: His name is Taggart - what's his name again?

JOBRANI: His name is Taggart VanEtten.

GROSZ: Oh. And he's a poor gentleman?


GROSZ: Is he a salt of the earth fellow from around the way?

JOBRANI: So this guy, Taggart VanEtten, he ran 11 hours, and then he went home and ate a whole pizza. So Taggart VanEtten a pizza.

KONDABOLU: I wonder if people were offering him shots while he was running. That would have added another element.

GROSZ: I wonder if they were offering him punches.

JOBRANI: Shots and punches. Those are - see, exactly. Like, you think running 100 miles is impressive? Run 100 miles while taking shots and being punched in the face.


JOBRANI: You're right, Peter Grosz.



JOBRANI: ...Massachusetts has updated its COVID guidelines. And as of August 1, your children will once again be able to visit what?

GROSZ: As of August 1, your kids can go to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.


JOBRANI: Let me give you a hint, OK?

GROSZ: Yeah.

JOBRANI: Great. You can once again lose your children at a McDonald's PlayPlace.

GROSZ: The ball - oh, ball pits?

JOBRANI: Yes, the ball pit.


GROSZ: Oh, gross.

JOBRANI: Great news, kids and bacteria. Ball pits are coming back. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says ball pits, your favorite attraction, named after the two grossest parts of the body...


JOBRANI: ...Will be back this summer.

GROSZ: You know, that's like a trailer for a horror movie, that ball pits are coming back.

JOBRANI: Some people have really missed the ball pits. The Boston Globe article on the reopening said, quote, "some have found other ways to scratch the ball pit itch," which is also what you do after using a public ball pit. So everything's working out.

(SOUNDBITE OF AC/DC SONG, "BIG BALLS") Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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