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Send Us Your Cellphone Stories


On All Tech Considered, we care how modern gadgets affect us as humans. So, we want to hear from you about your relationship with technology, specifically your mobile phone. So tell us this, first: when did you realize your cellphone was indispensable?

KRISTINA ANDREWS: A moment where I couldn't live without my phone. It was, like, something was going on with the network or something and my phone wasn't working. I'm like what is happening? I literally almost died.

RYAN MATTHEWS: I'd even write a paper on my phone. And when my phone was off, I couldn't write my papers. I kind of felt lost.


You could tell us a story like Ryan Matthews there and before that Kristina Andrews. Or if you prefer, tell us about a moment when you wish you didn't have a cellphone.

MIKE GINSBERG: I went on a cruise and I didn't have my cellphone for 10 days and it was really nice actually.

KAYLA PRINCE: When I'm sleeping and it goes off all the time.

BRETT SUTTON: Last weekend, my cellphone broke and I spent all of last week without one, and I was thinking about how pleasant it was.

BRODERICK FOSS: I get myself caught up in situations with different female acquaintances and the phone always tell on me.

CORNISH: That's Broderick Foss, Brett Sutton, Kayla Prince and Mike Ginsberg back out on the street here in Washington offering their thoughts. Now, it's your turn. Tell us a story about the moment you discovered your cellphone was indispensable or when you wished you didn't have it.

BLOCK: Go to NPR.org, click on contact at the bottom. Please put phone story in the subject line. And we'll be a little more generous than Twitter. You can send us no more than 100 words. We'll air the best answers on All Tech Considered in coming weeks.


CORNISH: You're listening to ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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