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Paul Simon, Sufjan Stevens, Bob Marley

Surprising new music from Paul Simon; A preview of outtakes by Sufjan Stevens; Remembering the music of Harry Nilsson; New York rock revivalists The Walkmen; "Incidental Heroin Pop" from Candy Bars; The return of classical guitarist Christopher Parkening; Creative magic from Britain's Gomez; Remembering the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley.

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Paul Simon, Sufjan Stevens, Bob Marley

How Can You Live in the Northeast

For his latest solo album, Paul Simon turned to producer and sound artist Brian Eno. It makes for a fresh and unpredictable collection of songs from one of America's greatest poets.

Adlai Stevenson

Sufjan Stevens wrote more than 50 songs for his most recent CD, Illinois, though many never appeared on the album. The young artist's next effort, Avalanche, is a collection of outtakes and extras from Illinois.

Don't Forget Me

Harry Nilsson is remembered for songs like "Everybody's Talkin'," made famous in the film Midnight Cowboy, and "Without You," a Badfinger tune. Nilsson died in 1994 and is remembered on this new collection of work he wrote, called Perfect Day.

We have no purchase information for this CD.

Emma Get Me A Lemon

The Walkmen are a New York rock group with two critically acclaimed albums to their credit: 2002's Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone and 2004's Bows + Arrows. The band is about to release it's third album, A Hundred Miles Off. It's a richly textured, sometimes gritty, sonic adventure in rock.


Candy Bars are a relatively new art-pop/rock group from Tampa, Florida. They call their debut album a collection of "Incidental Heroin Pop, or psychedelic pop, or chamber pop, or indie rock; or whatever you want to call it." Listen and decide for yourself.

Koyunbaba, suite for guitar, Op. 19: Moderato and Presto

Christopher Parkening is one of the most revered classical guitarists in the world. After years of grueling tours and studio sessions, Parkening dropped out of the music business to pursue his true passion: fly fishing. He returns with a new collection of songs inspired by his Christian faith.


Gomez is a British rock group with a sound that's always morphing to fit the tastes and styles of the band's five song writers and three lead singers. Their latest CD, like previous efforts, is ultimately rooted in the blues with unpredictable swings toward more experimental pop.

Coming in From the Cold

This marks the 25th anniversary of Bob Marley's death. We remember the remarkable body of work the legendary reggae artist left behind on the classic recording Uprising.

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