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Steve Lum / Flickr/CC

With the lilacs every spring comes an unwelcome harbinger of the season: black-legged ticks. And with New Hampshire near the top of the list of states with the highest incidence of Lyme disease, Granite Staters take this tiny arachnid seriously. We'll find out what's new this season in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention when it comes to this tick-borne illness.

We're Not Outta the Woods Yet, New Tick Virus Discovered

Sep 6, 2012
fairfaxcounty via Flickr Creative Commons

One more reason to slather on the bug spray, increasing concern over incidence of Lyme disease in recent years has kept New Hampshire residents on the lookout for ticks – but it turns out Lyme isn’t the only tick-borne pathogen in town.  Here to tell us more about the recently discovered “Heartland Virus” is New York Times reporter Denise Grady.