The Week In N.H. News: From Trump to 'Brexit,' No Shortage of N.H. Connections

Jun 24, 2016

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Above The Fold
A few of the candidates vying for the Statehouse corner office this year.

Get to Know Your Gubernatorial Candidates

Or at least a few. In the weeks ahead, NHPR will be introducing you to the major candidates vying for the Republican and Democratic nominations for governor. We start off this week with a look at State Sen. Jeanie Forrester, former Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand and State Rep. Frank Edelblut. Keep an eye out for more profiles soon!

And as the race for control of the Statehouse heats up, we’re starting to get a look at what kind of fundraising hauls the candidates are bringing in. The AP has initial details on where those numbers stand.

Gun Issues Take Center Stage in D.C. — And N.H.

Photo via Rep. Annie Kuster Twitter Account (@RepAnnieKuster)

New Hampshire politicians on both sides of the aisle are wading into efforts to reform gun laws, albeit with different goals and tactics.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who’s faced criticism in the past for her votes against expanded background checks and other gun control measures, is now throwing her support behind a “No Fly, No Buy” proposal to keep people on the TSA’s “no fly” list from buying firearms. (Maine Sen. Susan Collins, another Republican, was the initial push behind this bill.) For more on Ayotte’s track record on gun issues, dating back to her tenure as attorney general, check out this primer from NHPR’s Josh Rogers.

On the other side of the aisle, Rep. Annie Kuster joined with fellow Congressional Democrats who took over the floor of the U.S. House this week, demanding a vote on gun control measures. Kuster spoke briefly during the sit-in, using the opportunity to draw a link between gun violence, domestic violence and sexual assault. (Meanwhile, in Concord, a cohort of New Hampshire Democrats staged a sit-in of their own on gun issues, meant to show solidarity with their colleagues in Washington.)

A Somber Turn In Stewartstown Murder Case

Nearly five years after 11-year-old Celina Cass was reported missing, authorities have charged her stepfather with second-degree murder in connection with her death. The young girl’s death was unnerving for community members and investigators alike, and the stepfather, Wendell Noyes, had previously been questioned as part of a grand jury inquiry into Cass’s disappearance.

Pay For Delivery, Pay It Forward

Think of it like the “TOMS” Shoes of meal delivery: Get a meal, give one to someone else in need. That’s the model behind “All Real Meal” in Derry, which offers “gluten-free, paleo-friendly” meals for people who don’t have time to cook — and then makes a weekly donation to the New Hampshire Food Bank, equivalent to the number of meals sold. Find out more in this week’s Foodstuffs.

In Other News...

“You’re Fired…”

OK, so it’s unclear whether that exact catchphrase was employed when Donald Trump parted ways with campaign manager and former New Hampshire political operative Corey Lewandowski — but the dismissal of this top staffer did send some shockwaves through the national and local political scenes this week. For a refresher on Lewandowski’s Granite State roots, check out this profile from just after the New Hampshire primary.

Another Weird Trump-N.H. Connection…

As this screenshot from ProPublica's FEC Itemizer shows, the Trump campaign made several payments to a N.H.-based firm that borrows its name from "Mad Men."

  Trump’s latest campaign finance filings raised eyebrows for a few reasons — there was the fact that he reported less cash on hand than at least a few people running for Congress, but also that he made several payments to an obscure firm based in Londonderry, which seems to have borrowed a page from “Mad Men.”

Confused? You’re not alone. But a few news outlets — Think Progress, Huffington Post and Fortune, among others — tried to dig into what, exactly, was going on here.

And Yet Another, Maybe More Predictable, N.H. Trump Connection…

A small group of Republicans is planning an effort to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination for President, and one of them is former New Hampshire Senator Gordon Humphrey. He’s among those hoping to stop Trump at the Republican National Convention in July, and he joined NHPR’s Peter Biello to explain why.

Also Worth A Click

Does this look like a "zombie dog" to you? (Good news: It probably isn't.)
Credit Merrimack Police Department Facebook

  • “Zombie dog?” Chupacabra? “A really tiny moose?” Nope, that scraggly-looking critter spotted in a Merrimack cemetery was probably just a mangy fox, it turns out. (, AP)
  • The “Brexit” vote may be — literally — an ocean away, but some local economists say the outcome could have a ripple effect on New Hampshire businesses. (Seacoast Online)
  • For the “It’s Never Too Late” file: One woman made state history this week when she accepted her diploma at Groveton High School — at age 80. (Union Leader)
  • New Hampshire still remains among the best places in the nation for kids, according to the latest edition of a report measuring child well-being — but the same report also notes that the state’s seeing growing issues with child poverty. (NHPR)
  • A diver from Dover — try saying that five times fast! — is one step closer to competing in this summer’s Olympics. (Seacoast Online)
  • In Jaffrey, the caretakers for about 116 cats are trying to raise enough money to move into a new home. Their overall goal is steep, about $500,000, but the shelter’s owner is trying to “Stay Pawsitive!” (Keene Sentinel)
  • #NHpolitics followers will likely recognize a few familiar faces in this behind-the-scenes documentary from the Nevada Democratic caucuses. (Vanity Fair)
  • Before you hop into that Uber or Lyft, you might like to know that these ride-sharing companies are now subject to new statewide requirements on background checks for drivers and commercial insurance for the vehicles. (NHPR)
  • As part of an effort to show solidarity with others who’ve experienced sexual harassment and sexual assault, Rep. Annie Kuster opened up this week about her personal experiences: On the floor of the House, Kuster said she decided to tell her own stories “because they are all too common.” (Roll Call)
  • A pastor from Exeter was among those who traveled to Orlando in the wake of the shooting at Pulse Nightclub to provide trauma care and “spiritual first aid” to those affected. (NHPR)
  • If you’re looking to run away for life under the big top, you won’t have to go far: An Antrim woman is set to debut her own “Granite State Circus” soon at Laconia’s Weirs Beach. (Monadnock Ledger-Transcript)
  • There’s a bit of a scuffle unfolding over ATV parking in Gorham. (Berlin Daily Sun)
  • Flashback Friday: Please enjoy this retro-spective (get it?) on some vintage puns, courtesy of our archives. (NHPR)