At Town Hall, Ayotte Emphasizes Piecemeal Changes To ACA

Jan 16, 2015

Senator Ayotte at Loudon Town Hall meeting.
Credit Allegra Boverman / NHPR

  Senator Kelly Ayotte fielded questions on a variety of topics at a town hall meeting in Loudon on Friday.

She reiterated her support for sanctions in Iran; for immigration reform; assured one constituent that she would vote repeal Obamacare again if given the chance. However, Ayotte suggested, it may pay to be realistic.

“I also think though we should also try to take up some areas where people are saying ‘I can agree,’” Ayotte said, “like changing the forty-hour work week.”

Ayotte mentioned other piecemeal changes to the Affordable Care Act, including repealing the medical device tax – which also has the support of Senator Jeanne Shaheen -- and expanding uses of health savings accounts.