The Promised Land – Farm To Plate Innovator: Cheryl Rogowski

The Promised Land

From turkey and stuffing to latkes to black-eyed peas, the holiday season seems to revolve around food. And this fall The Promised Land — public radio's Peabody Award-winning series about vision and leadership — takes an unexpected tack on the subject. With the ever-dynamic and much-acclaimed host Majora Carter, listeners visit interesting places and meet fascinating people who are approaching the matter of food in innovative ways: how it nourishes, how it creates communities and affects change, and how modern-day challenges influence today's food systems.  The Promised Land offers two one-hour specials for broadcast during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's.  Listener information is available at

  • Episode 2 – Farm To Plate – Cheryl Rogowski

   Where does our food come from? Since we pay close attention to so many aspects of food in the holiday season, host Majora Carter visits the northern reaches of the New York metropolitan area, where Cheryl Rogowski, a fourth-generation farmer, grows 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables. In 2004, Cheryl became the first farmer to receive a MacArthur Fellowship. She was honored for her innovative approach to agricultural programs and for reimagining and reinvigorating the American family farm.  She will give us a tour of her farm, and we'll hear from people she works within the many programs she has created.