Playing On The Air: Out There

Jun 16, 2013

James Lescene
Credit via PRX

Playing on the Air is a new program featuring 10-20 minute short plays with the highest caliber talent including Oscar, Tony and Emmy award winners. Each short short play is followed by a personal interview with its artists. These bite-sized pieces are authored by America's best including Pulitzer and Tony award winners.

This week’s plays…

There You Are, with Olympia Dukakis and Maria Tucci, is about two women who meet again at an outdoor concert and pursue the relationship they didn't dare to in their youth.

Small Things by Cary Pepper: a young door-to-door evangelist (Bobby Steggert) on his last day of service is invited in for the first time by an older man (Jack Wetherall).  

If We're Using A Surrogate How Come I'm The One With Morning Sickness: A gay parent (James Lecesne) comically rants about having a child. Interviews are with Leslie Ayvazian, Cary Pepper and James Lecesne