NHPR's Walter Peterson Legacy Society: Members Tell Their Stories

Have you thought about joining NHPR’s Walter Peterson Legacy Society with a planned gift?

Sue Chollet is a member.

Sue Chollet
Credit Courtesy photo

"NHPR is really important to me now, I want it to continue helping to connect the state on into the future, well after I'm gone."

Recently she was reaffirmed in her decision to include NHPR in her planned giving strategy. Her friend was chronically ill and had been hospitalized. Listen to Sue tell her story:

Carolyn Mertz is also a member.

Peter & Carolyn Mertz
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"I'm an avid listener... my stories begin and end with stories I've heard on NHPR."

Listen to Carolyn talk about her reasons for giving and what she calls her "49-cent solution":

Find out more about the Walter Peterson Legacy Society and the options available by visiting our planned giving site or by contacting Anna Moskov.