Many Expect Right-to-Work Vote Wed.

Right-to-Work advocates and opponents are gearing up for the House to take up the governor’s veto Wednesday.

The debate will be vigorous and very public.

Members of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity have secured permits for most public places in and around the statehouse.

Union workers are expected to show up in healthy numbers, urging lawmakers to block the bill that would ban unions from collecting fees from non-members.

To top it off, GOP presidential contenders John Huntsman and Rick Perry are delivering remarks to the full House.

Firefighter union president Dave Lang says, add it all up and it looks like there may finally be a vote on the issue.

“We’re seeing things like increased mail, increased radio buys, we’re seeing increased patchwork calls.”

House GOP leaders predict if Speaker O’Brien calls the vote, it will be very close.

O’Brien must bring the measure up for a vote by January 4th.