Here's What's Awesome: International Edition

Feb 26, 2013

Credit Warm n'Fuzzy via flickr Creative Commons

NHPR’s All Things Considered host Brady Carlson doubles as Word of Mouth’s internet Sherpa and scanner of the latest internet memes and viral trends. We all know that the internet has made the world smaller; once something goes viral it’s not always easy to determine where exactly it came from. But we generally hear about the most Americo-centric of online oddities, however for today’s “Here’s What’s Awesome” Brady is clueing us into some viral content playing big on the international stage.

Check out the links below to get more information on the topics covered in today's episode of: "Here's What's Awesome."

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Psy Performs  Gagnam Style at the Inauguration of South Korea's New President (Didn't he say he wasn't going to perform that song anymore?)

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