Charlie Sheen and Other Awesomeness on Today's Show

Mar 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen, Unemployed Winner – the internet loves a meltdown! And it loves remixing a meltdown.

Cats Quote Charlie Sheen -

The Charlie Sheen is Too Damn High Party -

Family Circus meets Charlie Sheen -

 Sheen quotes set to music:


Anonymous targeting Libya? – Anonymous could become the Wikileaks of 2011. Hard to know for sure what Anonymous is really doing and what’s just alleged, but they’re certainly keeping busy – Libya, Wisconsin protests, possibly the Fred Phelps group, etc.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry blocking journalists on Twitter?


Google search tweaks

Google says this will downplay content farms. We’ll see.


Also notable: Google is taking a first step toward using crowdsourcing to shape results.

Could be useful in promoting useful sites, but it could just become yet another way sites try to game results, blocking rivals to help their own cause.


The Loneliest Whale – another internet sensation.!5772406/the-story-of-the-lonely-whale-will-break-your-heart


Pew Pew Pew – a video game for video game nerds.


Laughing baby – awww