Iran State TV Says U.S. Journalist Jason Rezaian Has Been Convicted

Oct 11, 2015
Originally published on October 12, 2015 5:53 pm

Updated at 4:10 a.m. ET

Imprisoned American journalist Jason Rezaian has been convicted, according to an Iranian Judiciary spokesman who appeared on state TV Sunday night. The spokesman did not say on which charges Rezaian had been convicted or whether a sentence had been imposed.

It's the latest development in a case that's been marked by secrecy and uncertainty. Rezaian, The Washington Post's Tehran bureau chief, was arrested in Tehran in 2014 and accused of espionage, a charge the Post denies.

His closed-door trial ended two months ago, the Post notes, "and the delay in a verdict has never been explained."

NPR's Leila Fadel reports for our Newscast division that Iran has released no details about the ruling. It could still be appealed, according to the Iranian Judiciary spokesman.

She also noted the symbolic importance of the Iranian-American's case. "Rezaian has become a poster child for press freedom in Iran, where there is basically none," Leila says.

Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron issued a statement Sunday saying Rezaian's prosecution "has been anything but transparent and just, and that pattern persists. The only thing that is clear is Jason's innocence.

"Now is the time for Iran's senior leaders to end this 'judicial process,' with its sick brew of farce and tragedy," Baron continued, reiterating his calls for Rezaian's release.

The Post has collected its coverage and commentary on Rezaian's case here.

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