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Word of Mouth

Stalking The Wild Frost Heave

Taylor Quimby

Every spring, many New Hampshire roads come to resemble obstacle courses as frost heaves emerge with the thaw. On this week’s installment of Only in N.H., we answer a listener question: “How and when did the term 'frost heaves' originate? Is the phenomenon unique to New Hampshire?” The answer brings us from 17th century Swedish geological manuscripts to Martian ice formations and, finally, on a winding journey down the country roads through New Hampshire’s hills.

  • You Asked, We Answered: How and When Did the Term 'Frost Heaves' Originate?
  • A discussion of road salt alternatives with Ted Diers, Watershed Management Bureau Administrator at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.
  • A Conversation with Alt-Latin Musician Helado Negro.