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The Legend of Via Tranquilla: Crafting Horror and Halloween in New Hampshire


For generations, the little red house at the end of Via Tranquilla has been home to a legend. The kind that makes your heart pound and your hair raise. A ghost story... a murder mystery... a curse. 

On this episode, the keepers of this myth share the grisly story of Via Tranquilla. And then, the truth comes out. 

Also in this episode: A walk through Haunted Overload, Eric Lowther's haunted wood at DeMerrit Hill Farm. It features towering pumpkin-headed scarecrows, a deranged circus and a scale Victorian mansion where something terrible happened many years ago...

And, why trick-or-treating takes place on different days throughout New Hampshire.

  • Via Tranquilla, urban legend and the Snow Shoe Club
  • You Asked, We Answered: Why Do Some N.H. Towns Trick-or-Treat days before Halloween?
  • Eric Lowther and Haunted Overload. You can read more about Haunted Overload, see pictures, and get ticket information here.
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