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From the Archives: History Unfolded & The Bookshelf

Allen via flickr Creative Commons

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Here's what's on today's show:

History Unfolded

When confronting the horror that was the Holocaust come inescapable questions of America's role. What did the United States know about the Holocaust and how did it respond?  Those are thorny and multi-layered questions. What is the US in this case? Its government, with access to intelligence and foreign networks? Or its citizens, who got their intelligence primarily from newspapers?

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is calling on people to share newspaper articles for “History Unfolded: US Newspapers and the Holocaust”. The crowd-sourcing project is gathering news from the time into a centralized database that will be compiled and turned into an exhibit in 2018.

Elissa Frankleand David Klevan work in the education & outreach technology division for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Bookshelf - Nancy Jean Hill

This week Peter Biello sits down with author Nancy Jean Hill. 

You can listen to this episode of the Bookshelf here: The Bookshelf: Poet Nancy Jean Hill

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