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Word of Mouth

4.21.16: The First Folio, IFixIt, Vernal Pools, & 10-Minute Writer's Workshop

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William Shakespeare is credited with writing 37 plays and yet, if not for one very rare book, nearly half of those, including Macbeth and Julius Caesar - would have been lost forever.  Today on the show, the First Folio.

Then, with earth day coming up tomorrow, we add another "r" to reduce, reuse, recycle - we talk to the founder of iFixit, a free online repair guide for keeper everything from toasters to iPads out of the landfill. 

Plus, the latest 10-Minute Writer’s Workshop uncovers the process of writing true crime.

Listen to the full show.

The First Folio

William Shakespeare died 400 years ago this year, and we celebrate him still. His influence on our language, our conception of power, and our understanding of love, jealousy, villainy, prejudice, and teen angst so powerful - that it is almost incomprehensible to consider contemporary Western thought without his works. Yet that almost happened.

If not for one very rare, very essential book, almost half of Shakespeare's plays, including Macbeth, Julius Caesar, The Tempest and Twelfth Night, would have been lost to us forever. A copy of that book, Shakespeare's first folio, is on view here in New Hampshire to the public, for free, at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester until May 1st.  UNH English professor Douglas Lanier is one of the people essential in getting the folio here and he joined us on the show. 

The First Folio


Tomorrow is Earth Day, so you'll likely be hearing about the three "r"s... Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Well, there's another "r" word that can help you cut down on waste; Repair! Of course, DIY repair used to be a lot less intimidating back before iPhones and hybrid cars but that hasn't stopped Kyle Wiens founder of iFixit, a free online repair guide for everything from toasters to iPads to Xboxes.


Outside/In: Vernal Pools

It's springtime in New England - time to get outside!  And that is what NHPR's new program Outside/In is all about.  Outside/In is hosted by environmental reporter Sam Evans-Brown and produced by the team here at Word of Mouth.

The show explores the natural world and how we use it and it digs into some big questions, like "who defines a wilderness experience" and "why are humans drawn to natural landscapes" in a sound rich, adventurous way. It's also a great show for learning more about the wide variety of environments around you, like the vernal pools that dot local woods.   

You can listen to the full episode at OutsideInRadio.org

10-Minute Writer's Workshop with Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn

For this episode of the 10-Minute Writer’s Workshop we welcome our first pair of partners in crime...true crime, in this case. Married co-authors Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie write about the insidious crimes that can happen in even the quaintest of New England towns.

Their most recent book is Dark Heart and it follows the disturbing murder of UNH sophomore Lizzie Marriot and the trial of Seth Mazzaglia, who was convicted for the crime.  Rebecca is also NHPR's digital director.  

Listen to the full episode again: 10-Minute Writer's Workshop: Partners in True Crime, Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie