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Word of Mouth

4.06.16: Why We Make Things, Brevity, & The BookShelf with Jennifer Militello

Erich Ferdinand via Flickr CC

Things are important. They help us get places, allow us to sit back and relax, provide entertainment, memories, sustenance, and warmth. I used to vow intense dislike for the word "things" ("It's so vague; what does it mean?!"). But truthfully, things - and the many uses of the word - are important. On today's Word of Mouth, we're exploring a lot of things. Really. 

Plus, word craft for fast times: a writing teacher celebrates the beauty and efficacy of writing short. 

Listen to the full show. 

Why We Make Things

Peter Korn talks about his book, Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Crafstman

Why We Make Things

The Rise and Fall of Professional Bowling

Who knew professional bowling has such a fascinating history? Zachary Crockett joined us to talk about his article "The Rise and Fall of Professional Bowling".

How to Write Short

How to Write Short

Roy Peter Clark is Vice President and senior scholar at the Poynter Institute and author of How To Write Short: Word Craft For Fast Times

How To Write Short

The Bookshelf: Poet Jennifer Militello

In our podcast, the 10-Minute Writer’s Workshop, we talk to writers of all stripes about what goes into their writing process and what gets an idea from pen to paper, or finger to keyboard.

For book lovers, NHPR has even more. On Fridays, All Things Considered host Peter Biello talks to authors from around New England on the series “The Bookshelf.” In this episode, he speaks with poet Jennifer Militello about her book A Camouflage of Specimens and Garments.     

You can hear this episode again at: The Bookshelf: Poet Jennifer Militello