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Word of Mouth

1.11.15: The Careful Craft Of Satire & Putin's Macho Power Play

Logan Shannon

Wednesday’s attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris prompted an international outpouring of support from satirists and comedians around the world. On today’s show, a candid conversation with the former editor of The Onion on the careful craft of satire.

Plus, the manliest man of Russia. A simple Google search reveals countless images of Vladimir Putin, riding horseback, hunting, and brandishing weapons. We’ll talk to a scholar about how the Russian leader uses machismo and gender stereotypes to build political legitimacy.

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Careful Craft of Satire

Former Onion Editor On The Careful Craft Of Satire

Sex, Politics, & Putin

Sex, Politics, and Putin

Don Draper vs. Seth Rogan

  • To young television viewers in the U.S., Don Draper, the fictional character played by John Hamm in AMC's Mad Men is the epitome of masculinity:  he is serious, well-dressed, chiseled, and enigmatic. Eric Molinsky tries to understand why fans of the show are ready to ditch their t-shirts and jeans for dapper suits and ties.
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The Classical Music Crisis

The Classical Music Crisis

Battling The Male Dominated World of Conducting

  • Producer Sarah Elzas profiles a Paris-based American conductor who has fought sexism throughout her career.
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