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12.8.14: Judging The President's Kids, The Dangers Of Public Wi-Fi, The Truth About Orange Juice

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Last week, a GOP stafferresignedafter posting a Facebook comment criticizing the President's daughters. Today on Word of Mouth, the history of an unlikely American tradition: publicly judging the children of the White House. Also, the hidden dangers of public Wi-Fi, and the industry secret behind orange juice’s robust flavor.

Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

A History of Judging the President's Kids

The Saddest President

  • Nate DiMeo from the podcast, The Memory Palace tells the tale of Franklin Pierce. One of our worst Presidents, but, hands down, the saddest guy to ever hold the office.
  • You can listen to this story at PRX.org.
    Judging The President's Kids/The Saddest President

The Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

  • Rob Fleischman, Chief Technology Officer at Xerocole (and our Chief Explainer of All-Things-Wired) warns listeners about the dangers of public Wi-Fi, and offers tips on how to keep your digital information from being spied on, or stolen.
    The Dangers Of Public Wi-Fi

What's in Your OJ?

The Man Who Created Condensed Milk

  • Another unusual tale about how food is made: this commentary by William Hammack tells the story of  Gale Borden, who invented condensed milk.
  • You can listen to this story at PRX.org.
    What's In Your OJ?/The Man Who Invented Condensed Milk

The Secret of Brown Bag Lunches

  • Researchers took a peek inside brown bag lunches to find out what the average parent is packing their kids for lunch, and the truth isn’t exactly appetizing.  Boston Globe features writer Beth Teitell wrote about the study and the struggle parents face when preparing school lunches at home.
  • Also in this section, we ask our coworkers about what sorts of things they had for lunch growing up, and discover the question tends to inspire some pretty vivid memories.
    The Secret of Brown Bag Lunches

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