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10.26.14: The Fine Line Between Comedy & Journalism, NH's A-List DJ, & Good Gig

WEBN-TV via flickr Creative Commons

Former Daily Show reporter John Oliver’s fake news show on HBO is bucking the odds: diving deep into stories that aren’t in the headlines, and climbing in the ratings. On today’s show, what happens when comedy meets investigative journalism ?

Then, A-list DJs appear to live in the top tier of fabulousness. Jet-setting to giant clubs and VIP parties. We’ll get the inside view from Juan Maclean, an international star living quietly in Dover, NH.

Plus, we continue our series “Good Gig” with the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, to find out what goes into determining color trends for a living.

Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

John Oliver: The Journalist?

John Oliver: The Journalist?

Here's John Oliver talking about the Miss America Pageant.

The Juan Maclean

  • John Maclean is a DJ, producer, electronic musician and the creative force behind The Juan Maclean with Nancy Whang. Their third album, In A Dream, has just been released and is getting a lot of love from music critics.
  • You can see videos and read more at this link.
John Oliver: The Journalist?

Good Gig: Color Expert

Good Gig: Color Expert

Colors: The Word Jazz of Ken Nordine

  • In the mid-1960s, Ken Nordine was commissioned to write commercials for a paint company about colors and became a cult classic. The job inspired an entire word jazz album with individual colors serving as his muse.
Colors: The Word Jazz of Ken Nordine

We've also made a Spotify playlist of some of the best of Ken Nordine's 'Word Jazz'.

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