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Word of Mouth

5.26.14: Memorial Day

Phil Roeder via Flickr Creative Commons

It’s Memorial Day, a time to remember the men and women who fought and died in military service to the United States. Today on Word of Mouth: those who take remembrance to the next level: the re-enactors. In 1986 there were an estimated 50,000 Civil War re-enactors in the U.S. Since 2000 their ranks have been cut in half. We’ll find out what’s at the root of the secession, and what drives someone to take on the identity of a 19th century solider. Plus, the founder of the Veterans Writing Project talks about harnessing the power of prose to cope with the hidden wounds of war. And, we’ll explore the psychic wounds veterans carry. We’ll talk to an officer who couldn’t forget the horrors of war.

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