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Word of Mouth

2.24.14: Modern & Monastic Food

michaelmossbooks.com and Victoria Reay, Holly Hayes & William Jones via flickr Creative Commons

Prepare your palate, because we're bringing you a smorgasbord of stories; today's Word of Mouth is all about food! But taste with caution, sandwiched between stories of slime and frozen meat are stories of monastic meals and heavenly... beer? That's right, beer that was divinely sanctioned. Grab a snack and take a listen. You'll never think of food the same way again.

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Salt, Sugar, Fat

  • According to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Moss, once you pop that Pringles can, you really can’t stop.  In his book, Salt Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, he goes deep inside the 1-trillion-dollar processed food industry – and why it’s engineered to make us eat like a nation of impulsive teenagers.
Salt, Sugar, Fat

  • Beyond the salt, sugar, and fat, processed foods also hook you with their colorful packaging and their siren song: the jingle. We asked you for the snack food jingles that can’t leave your head on our Facebook page. And we leave you with this montage. Our apologies in advance.
Jingle Montage

99% Invisible: Monastic Beer

99% Invisible: Monastic Beer

A Hermit’s Cookbook

Monastic Diet

The Meat Racket

The Meat Racket

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