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Calling All Musicians: Help Us Fix Our Terrible Love Song!

Broke-now, via Flickr Creative Commonsw


Wow! The submissions keep coming in, and they're AWESOME! Scroll to the bottom of this story to listen to the epic covers of Taylor's terrible, terrible love song.

If you'd like to submit your own version of our love song, upload it to SoundCloud or YouTube and share it with us on our Facebook page!  Or, you can email an MP3 to, and we'll make sure to include it in our post. 

Love songs, which by their very nature tend towards the melodramatic and saccharine, are ripe for parody.  We at Word of Mouth thought it would be fun to compose a love song using only chart-topping lyrical clichés – so we asked for your suggestions, and then set to work.

It turned out to be a humbling experience.  Love songs, which may sound to the layman as though they consist entirely of extra-long notes, flamboyant R&B runs, and an excessive use of the word ‘forever’, are MUCH harder to make than one might think.

So we’re calling on you, our listeners, to make up for the talent we lack.  Below are the lyrics and chords to our failed love song experiment. We want you… nay, NEED you to take a stab at making this love song sound good (or funny, at the very least), and upload your version (via SoundCloud or YouTube) to our Facebook page. To get a sense of how it shouldn't sound, you can listen to our version at the bottom of the page.


G maj                             B maj           

You walked into the room.

C maj
You walked into the club.

G maj

You walked out of the rain.

D maj

Wet rain.

G maj                          

You looked at me I looked at you.

B maj                 

Our eyes locked I looked away.

         C maj                                                   

Then I looked back your eyes still looking back at my eyes,

            G maj                                             D maj

And this time I didn't look away - I knew just what to say.

G maj

Set me free, be with me, by my side

C maj

All we’ve been through, wrap my arms, hold me close

G maj

Moments like this, my heartbeat , for all time

D maj

When you walked in the room…when my dreams come true

G maj

When we first met, first kissed, first touched like this baby

C maj

Baby baby baby (etc.)

G maj

Nothing compares, nobody else

D maj

Hit me with your best shot, I’m crazy in love

G maj                                                             C maj

This is the part of the song that I sing in falsetto 

G maj                        D maj                        G maj

And this is the part of the song where I suddenly stop

D maj

Before the beat drops.


Two lovers

C maj

In love

G maj

Making lovely love

  D maj

Like lovers do


True Love

C maj

Pure love

G maj                                                    D maj

Do or say or change anything for You.


G maj, C maj, G maj, D maj

Here's our version.   Yeesh.

And here's our first challenger! The background is MESMERIZING:

This one was submitted by John Shore and his daughter, Sadie.  They did the smart thing and ditched about 99% of the existing lyrics in favor of their own, hilarious prose.  Great job guys!

A couple NHPR employees have caught wind of the love song project, and are adding their voices to the mix! Here's Ross Boyd (sounding quite different than he does during newscasts):

And here's Word of Mouth producer Zach Nugent adding some funky distortion to the mix:

Submission #5: California's Coco Harris on the piano and the vocal pipes: 

Here's Noah Watson's 'countrified' version:

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