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Timely Words For Pete Seeger

scarlatti2004 via flickr Creative Commons

More than a musician, folk legend Pete Seeger influenced generations of Americans through both song and activism, often using one to fuel the message of the other. The power he invested in music helped promote his peaceful messages. Recently, producer Zach Nugent spoke to Nick Panken of the band Spirit Family Reunion. Nick had some timely praise for the folk singer who recently died:

There was definitely a healthy dose of Pete Seeger growing up. If you go to summer camp in New York state, I don't think you can escape Pete Seeger. When you get that into your ears when you're a little kid, and then later on in life when you hear the banjo again, it feels so familiar and it feels like something from your childhood.

For more about Spirit Family Reunion and to hear the lasting influence of Pete Seeger, listen to Zach Nugent's conversation with Nick Panken.

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