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Word of Mouth

Confess Your Strategy For Unwanted Gifts...Anonymously


The holidays bring gifts of all shapes, sizes, and…well…usefulness. Whether it’s a tacky tchotchke, an ill-fitting sweater, or something you already own, we’ve all experienced it…the moment you excitedly open that pretty gift box, look inside and think…uh-oh.

Leave a message on our anonymous re-gift hotline: 603-223-2448

We want to hear about your exit strategy for unwanted gifts. Tell us…re-gifting: have you done it? Or do you think it’s just plain wrong? Leave a message on our anonymous re-gift hotline: 603-223-2448

Credit via MentalSkillness.com
It could always be worse...you could get an aardvark suit made of real aardvark fur.

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