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5 Moments In Sports That Will (Maybe) Break Your Heart


I’m am not qualified to make a list of the Top 5 most memorable sports failures, which is why I asked Eric Simons to help me create a list of moments he felt fit the bill. To say that he waffled about what moments to include is an understatement; sports fans are notoriously opinionated when it comes to moments that define heartbreak. I took his suggestions and then sprinkled in a few that I grew up hearing about.  Without further ado I present to you: “5 Moments in Sports That Will (Maybe) Break Your Heart”. We encourage you to disagree and submit your own.

5. My parent's love to tell the story of Jim Marshall's Wrong Way Run in 1964:

4. Scott Norwood - Wide Right (Apologies to Buffalo fans for reopening this wound.)

3. Eric Simons gut wrenching play from The Secret Lives of Sports Fans intro chapter. No. 1 Cal gets bested by unranked Oregon State. (Just look away Eric, look away.)

2. Bill Buckner's infamous play that crushed the hearts and souls of so many Red Sox fans. I thought the NES version might be less painful. Might.

1. The Bruins loss to the Blackhawks in Game 6 is a fresh wound. I think everyone wanted to see this series go to Game 7. We'll get back together next season Bruins, but for now we are totally ON A BREAK!

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