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Word of Mouth

An inherent danger?

pit bull by maplegirlie.jpg
(Photo by maplegirlie via Flickr)

A note to listeners: This interview was supposed to include Jim Gorant, a Senior Editor for Sports Illustrated, and author of The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption. Unfortunately, we lost our connection with him shortly after his part of the interview began.  /RL

Earlier this month, when The Manchester Union Leader reported on a backyard brawl between two household dogs, the pets’ owners dispute what happened…which pup was the aggressor, and whether their respective dogs were properly collared and leashed. What made the story newsworthy is  all in the breeding – one of the dogs was a pitbull.

In Maryland, common controversies surrounding the breed have jumped from the newspapers into a court of appeals, which recently ruled that pit-bulls are quote, “inherently dangerous”.  

Meredith Somers is a general assignment reporter with the Washington Times Metro Desk, and she’s been covering the reaction to the Maryland ruling.