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Word of Mouth

Lifestyle, As a Cancer Preventative

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Photo by d o l f i , courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons


In recent years, some doctors and patients have made passionate efforts to integrate alternative therapies into western models of medicine.  Lorenzo Cohen is a professor and director of the integrative medicine program at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.  He believes that integrative therapies and lifestyle changes aren’t just for treating disease; they can also prevent it altogether.  He spoke to the Concord Monitor earlier this month, and boldly claimed, “There’s no question - at least fifty percent of cancer could be prevented if individuals were making appropriate lifestyle choices.”  Dr. Cohen is scheduled to speak tonight at the Concord City Auditorium at 7pm – his presentation is called “The Anti-Cancer Way of Life”. 

Also joining us is author, freelance writer, and breast cancer survivor, Meg Hirshberg.  She’s the founding donor and chief instigator in Concord Hospital’s new 12 week anti-cancer lifestyle program for cancer survivors.  She also helped organize Lorenzo’s visit to New Hampshire, and to our studio.