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Word of Mouth

Never Too Late to Watch Cool TV

Photo by Lubs Mary, courtesy of Flickr creative commons

Ever overhear a watercooler conversation about the latest episode of the latest TV show that everyone’s watching, except you? Well, fear not. As it turns out, even the most buzzed about television shows are not being watched by the masses at least not in real time. Audiences for premium cable programs like True Blood and Dexter draw only a couple million viewers when they hit the air compare that with the old network giants, like ER or Friends, which played to ten or fifteen million viewers each week. January marks a lull in some TV’s best programming, which, Word of Mouth senior producer Rebecca Lavoie says, makes it a great time to catch up on what you’ve missed.

Rebecca's On Demand picks:


My So Called Life

Game of Thrones


Breaking Bad

The first 2 Seasons of Alias and Felicity