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NHPR's Summer Music Series

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Highlighting the performers, festivals, and venues that make up New Hampshire's summer music scene. Stories will air on NHPR's All Things Considered throughout the summer.

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All this summer we've been hearing from Granite State musicians about their signature sounds. Today we'll hear from singer/songwriter Chelsea Paolini. The Brentwood native has been playing in bands since the age of 14. You may have heard her as the frontwoman for the band People Skills. Most recently she's been experimenting with her solo sound. Chelsea Paolini spoke with NHPR's Peter Biello. 

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If you close your eyes you wouldn't know it was a sleepy Sunday morning here in Salem at the back of "Coffee Coffee," an organic coffee house. Luke Moss squints, smiles and nods as he taps out a beat on his snare. He signals directions to his bandmates: a guitarist, a bassist, and a sax player.

Above him is a big, yellow sign reading Live Music.


All summer long on All Things Considered, we've been telling stories of the music and musicians here in New Hampshire. Next, we'll listen to a band that takes inspiration from artists like Stevie Wonder and Prince.

The Concord-based group goes by the name of Trade, and they've just released their first album, "Puzzle."

NHPR's Peter Biello spoke with the drummer and vocalist George Laliotis and guitarist and vocalist Scott Solsky.

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The Summer Music Series swings through the Mount Washington Valley this week to visit the only music shop in New Hampshire that builds steel drums, the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.

After a listener wrote us about it, NHPR’s Leila Goldstein visited the shop, Maccabee Panworks, in Conway.

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The multi-talented musician Theo Martey has traveled the world with West African drumming groups. After settling in Manchester in 2001 he formed the Akwaaba Ensemble and they've been touring New England ever since.

While Martey plays traditional West African music, he also mixes contemporary recording effects and nontraditional instruments into his work. Martey spoke with NHPR's Peter Biello about his music.

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Collin Tessier

This summer, NHPR is introducing you to local bands making music all across New Hampshire. All Things Considered Host Peter Biello kicks off the series with a trio of musicians from Concord.