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Five Generations, One Workplace: How Is Everyone Getting Along?

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Five generations, one workplace: That's the unprecedented scenario now at some companies: Millennials (also known as Geneartion Y), Baby Boomers, Traditionalists, Generations X and Z working together. But while certain values and descriptions are often attached to these groups, to what extent are these labels true?  And how is everybody getting along at work?


  • Gerri King - Social psychologist, author, and organizational consultant based in Concord.
  • Will Stewart - Executive Director of StayWorkPlay New Hampshire, which seeks to retain and attract more young people to the state, partnering with the University System of New Hampshire and other organizations that established the "55% Initiative -- an efort to encourage at least 55% of new graduates to stay in N.H.   He is also an Alderman in Manchester.

Gerri King and Will Stewart will be lead speakers Wednesday, July 31, at "Navigating Generational Expectations" -- The 2019 Leadership Summit at Northeast Delata Dental Conference Centter in Concord,  from 1 - 5 p.m.  For information, visit here