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We Put N.H. Legislators Up To The #TenYearChallenge

You may have noticed a trend on social media the past few weeks: the #TenYearChallenge. Some celebrities have taken the opportunity to #humblebrag about how much they’ve “aged,” others have speculated about facial recognition conspiracies.


But we noticed some New Hampshire legislators haven’t taken the challenge yet so we did a little emailing to see if they'd be game.


Senator Jeb Bradley, District 3, has kept active over the past decade (and before that) with winter hikes in the White Mountains. He’s pictured at the same location, looking out at Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Lafayette in 2009 and earlier this year. In 2015, he completed "The Grid" which involves hiking every 4,000 footer - there are 48 - in every month of the year. Keeping busy Sen. Bradley!



Credit Courtesy
Sen. Jeb Bradley of Wolfeboro, seen during winter hikes in 2009 and 2019. Plus, there's that Red Sox cap consistency.

Ten years ago, before she was in the legislature,now-Senator Martha S. Hennessey, District 5, cozied up to the “Dartmoose” at a Dartmouth event, next to her cousin, Sarah.

Sen. Hennessy also posed with Jason Kander, former Missouri Secretary of State and voting rights activist, at a Democratic Party event in Manchester last spring.

Credit Courtesy
Sen. Martha Hennessy, D-Hanover, with her cousin Sarah in 2009, and with Jason Kander ten years later.

Back in 2008, Senator Lou D’Allesandro of District 20, stepped out of a meeting to grab this shot with aide, Sonja Caldwell and two state troopers holding World Series trophies. And judging by his smile (and thistweet), Sen. D’Allesandro seems pretty happy about the 2007 World Series - the Red Sox won, after all.

Credit Courtesy
Sen. Lou D'Allesandro and his aide Sonja Caldwell posing for a photo with the Red Sox World Series Trophy.

A decade later, D'Allesandro is looking a little more somber at a photoshoot from earlier this week. O r... maybe he's just cold.  

Credit Sonja Caldwell
Senator D'Allesandro today.

You could say Senator David Wattersof District 4 has really moved up in life in the past ten years (ahh, we had to). But really, things looked good for him ten years ago -- around when he first served in the Senate. Sen. Watters said this about the earlier photo: "A happy memory from 2008 with my mom, who died aged 94 in 2016, and my sister who passed in January. Both inspired and mentored me in public service."

Credit Courtesy
Sen. David Watters of Durham, with his mother and sister in 2008, and shown in 2018.





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