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Weekly N.H. News Roundup Special Edition: Top Stories of 2018


We start off with the top stories of this week: questions around the propriety of spending by Governor Sununu's inauguration committee; and a House committe vote to ban guns in Representatives Hall (with final vote by the full House yet to come).

But for much of the show, we'll look back at some of the top stories of 2018, including a Powerball winner's fight to remain anonymous;  allegations of  sex abuse at Dartmouth College; and midterm results, with gains both statewide and nationally for Democrats. 

Don't miss this extensive coverage of the top news of 2018, with photos and links to stories, put together by NHPR's digital engagement producer Dan Tuohy. 


  • Dean Spiliotes -  Civic scholar at Southern New Hampshire University.
  • Trent Spiner - Executive Editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader.
  • Dan Tuohy -  Digital egagement producer for New Hampshire Public Radio. 

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Among the top 2018 stories we're discussing:

N.H. Powerball winner seeks anonymity -- and wins her case.

The N.H. Liquor Commission is accused of aiding cross-border money-laundering scheme. And is eventually cleared of wrongdoing by the N.H. Attorney General. 

The Nothern Pass Project is rejected by the N.H. Site Evaluation Committee.  But Eversource appeals the decision to the N.H. State Supreme Court. 

The U.S. Supreme Court Wayfair decision sets off waves of objections in N.H.  And the state vows to fight.  

Speaking with Morning Edition, Chessy Prout explained why she wrote about her experience surviving the sexual assault by Owen Labrie that brought national attention to her case and to St. Paul's handling of the case.   

Midterm elections: Democrats retake both chambers of the N.H. legislature.  N.H. sends Democrat Chris Pappas to the First Congressional District. 

Secretary of State Bill Gardner wins re-election by the slimmest of margins.