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Weekly N.H. News Roundup: February 17, 2017


Bi-partisan frustration rises in the Granite State over President Trumps unsubstantiated charges of New Hampshire voter fraud.  The New Hampshire House votes to kill a Right-to-Work bill, which would have impacted how unions collect fees. The policy has been a priority for Republicans, who control the House, Senate and Governor’s Office for the first time in more than a decade.  And the Executive Council confirms the Governor's choice for Education Commissioner, Frank Edelblut. 


  • Kevin Landrigan - Senior Reporter at the New Hampshire Union Leader
  • Casey McDermott - digital reporter for NHPR
  • Dean Spiliotes - civic scholar in the School of Arts and Sciences at SNHU and author of the website NH Political Capital

NHPR created an interactive map of voter registration by out-of-state IDs across New Hampshire during the 2016 election: 


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