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Friday N.H. News Roundup - April 17, 2015


State officials move to shut down a special education program at the Lakeview Rehabilitation Center after scathing reports of abuse and neglect and questions about state oversight.  A battle brews in the legislature over cutting business taxes. And after years of decline, there may be some hope for New Hampshire’s moose population.


  • Dean Spiliotes: civic scholar in the school of arts and sciences at Southern New Hampshire University and author of the website NHPoliticalCapital.com.
  • Judi Currie: Reporter for Foster's Daily Democrat
  • Jeff Feingold: editor of New Hampshire Business Review
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NHPR reporter Jack Rodolico's series on Lakeview -- "But beyond Lakeview itself, these reports point a finger at multiple offices within the Department of Health and Human Services, including the Health Facilities Licensing Unit. The Licensing Unit does yearly, unannounced inspections of Lakeview and about 400 other health facilities."

Final Reports on Lakeview - Scroll down to read the reports  issued by DHHS and Crosswinds Consulting on Lakeview that Jack discussed on the program.

Final Report Lakeview DHHS Oversight

Final Report Lakeview - Crosswinds Consulting