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The Exchange

Friday N.H. News Roundup - April 10, 2015

Sara Plourde

We're looking at some of the top stories of the week: the day after becoming the second official presidential candidate, Rand Paul holds a “Stand with Rand” rally in Milford, the state Senate weighs a bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana that passed the House by a wide margin, and a Manchester woman wows audiences on Jeopardy and wins big.


  • Garry Rayno  - Statehouse reporter for The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News
  • Josh Rogers - NHPR's senior political reporter
  • Dean Spiliotes - civic scholar in the school of arts and sciences at Southern New Hampshire University and author of the website NHPoliticalCapital.com.
  • Sam Evans-Brown: Environment and Education reporter for NHPR.
  • Kathy Marchocki: reporter for the Nashua Telegraph.