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Friday N.H. News Roundup - March 20, 2015


A look at the biggest New Hampshire news of the week: the state budget moved front-and-center this week with Republicans and Democrats wrangling over propsed cuts to Health and Human Services, the Department of Transportation, and the state university system. The Department of Corrections is having budget troubles of its own, forcing them to delay construction on a new women's prison in Concord. And the latest from presidential hopefuls in the Granite State including Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush.


  • Dean Spiliotes - Civic Scholar in the School of Arts and Sciences at Southern New Hampshire University and author of the website NHPoliticalCapital.com
  • Josh Rogers – NHPR’s senior political reporter
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Concord Monitor: Swelling prison price tag not entirely a surprise -- "On Tuesday, corrections Commissioner William Wrenn announced that the prison will hopefully open in October 2017. While site work has been completed behind the men’s prison off North State Street in Concord, work on the foundation will not likely begin until the fall – several months behind schedule. So what went wrong?"

Timeline of NHPR's coverage on the women's prison's development: