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The Exchange

The Exchange: Five Best Shows Of 2014

Rebecca Lavoie

Last month we asked listeners to vote for their five favorite shows of 2014. The winners ranged from health and science to conversations about race. Here are the winners, which we're airing all this week:

1) Stressed Out: Who, Why, And How - From major challenges like chronic illness or financial problems to minor annoyances like traffic jams or inconsiderate neighbors, stress affects us all.  For some, it can be overwhelming, while others find ways to cope and even use it to their advantage. In connection with the NPR series on this topic, we’re exploring the latest thinking on stress.

2) How We Talk About Race In N.H. - This spring, after racist remarks by Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling and Wolfeboro Police Commissioner Robert Copeland, outrage dominated national headlines. Now, after events in Ferguson and New York City, race relations seem more fraught than ever, but a call for a more honest conversation about race still resonates.

3) The Science Of Marijuana: What We Do & Don't Know - With legalization in two states now, and a growing number of others allowing medical use of marijuana, advocates and opponents alike are looking for answers to back up their positions. We’ll talk to two research doctors about what we know about the effects of the drug, what we don’t know, and whether the claims are correct. This show is produced in partnership with Science Cafe NH - Nashua, which held a conversation about the science of marijuana earlier this year.

4) Attention Turns To Millennials As They Enter The Workplace In Droves - With this generation of young adults coming into its own, we look at who they are and what motivates them.  Some say they’re entitled, obsessed with technology, and have short attention spans - but others say Millennials are highly creative, dynamic and more open to new ways of looking at society.

5) "The Teacher Wars: A History Of America’s Most Embattled Profession" - A new book explores the tumultuous history of public education: from racial integration, to unions and teacher-tenure, to standardized tests and charter schools. We’re sitting down with writer Dana Goldstein to discuss why the profession has long been so fraught, and how it’s affected the schooling of our kids.