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The Exchange

Saving The World's Wild Cats

Jens Hauser

Although at the top of the food chain, “apex predators" such as tigers, jaguars, and mountain lions face threats as varied as poachers, habitat destruction, and climate change. We’ll sit down with a leading expert to talk about this, how his efforts tie into a broader conservation movement, and the big cats in our own backyards.


  • Alan Rabinowitz - a zoologist, conservationist, field biologist, and the CEO of Panthera, an organization devoted to preserving big cat and their ecosystems around the globe.

*Alan will be speaking at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center's Summer Celebration event this Saturday. More details and pre-registration information can be found here.


  • Check out a photo slideshow of Alan Rabinowitz's work here from On Being.
  • Introductory video about Panthera:

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