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NHPR Community Advisory Board: Listening To The Exchange

Hello CAB Members!  Thank you for taking the time to complete the following assignment.  Please review the following shows from the Exchange.  To help you remember what the show was about, we've included a short excerpt.  If you would like to listen to the entire program again, the link to the show is posted below each topic.  It might be very helpful to listen to the show if you didn't hear it in its entirety the first time.  

After listening to each excerpt/show, please complete the survey at the bottom of the page.  Please complete the survey prior to the meeting on November 16th.  

Thank you!

NH DES Commissioner Tom Burack – (May 2, 2013) – A part of the mission statement for the show says “…encourages a statewide dialogue, that connects people to public figures”. One of the things that the Exchange has boasted over the years is that there isn’t another place on the dial that New Hampshire citizens can talk directly on the radio to public figures for a full hour. That means the Governor, our Congresswomen and Senators. Also we generally have many of our Commissioners on once or twice a year.  Health and Human Services, Cultural Affairs, Transportation, Prisons and Environmental Services. We get no complaints about these shows and occasional praise, but we as a group many times feel like these commissioner shows fall flat and have been re-evaluating if we should do them in the future. Here New Hampshire’s Commissioner for Environmental Services, Tom Burack joined us for the hour to talk about the latest things going on in his office. 

Listen to a clip here:

Listen to the entire show here

A Medicaid Expansion Update – (October 23, 2013) – Two summers ago when the Supreme Court decision called President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act constitutional, it laid out an extra provision. That states can decide on opting in or out of Medicaid Expansion. Some did, some didn’t but New Hampshire’s conversation went on all summer into the fall with a special commission put together to study it.  The week of the show, the group came out with its decision and we decided to have a conversation on it and what the next steps may be.  We felt that this show was a ‘good’ show’… a sort of ‘meat and potatoes’ show with two good and articulate guests who were part of the commission, but we have conversations around how to make these good meat and potatoes shows better.

Listen to a clip here:

A clip of the Medicaid Expansion program

Listen to the entire show here

Friday New Hampshire News Roundup (November 1, 2013) – We began this series back in March and have been delighted over all of the positive response we received. Through the months we feel like we’ve been refining the show by including a sound montage, and better figuring which topics to cover.  Unlike the other two shows, we felt like this one went very well but now that it’s over 6 months old, it would be great to get additional feedback on it. 

Listen to a clip here: 

A clip from the Friday News Roundup program

Listen to the entire show here

That's all for the listening...now, please take just a few minutes to fill out this very short survey by clicking on this link:

Community Advisory Board The Exchange Survey

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